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We are a family-owned company trading nationally and abroad.

We maintain traditional values and price in our product, assuring you the best service for Over 100 years.

All south Africa agencies are still owned and managed by the families that founded the companies (Begerow, Moxon, Cadalpe, Willmes and Siha).
Liquid filtration processes for the beverage and food industry, chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial sector.
The only complete supplier of filter media, process technology and beverage treatment products.
Building on the success of the BECOPAD, a mineral-free filter medium, we now also offer an alternative to kiesselguhr filtration.
This is our enduing philosophy to this day.  
Begerow has a GREENOMIC philosophy, and we live by these guidelines:
Sustainability   |   Biodegradablility   |   Flavour stability   |   Exterior hygiene   |   No product loss   |   Water savings
WF-Capsule made from Polyproylene  
Wf-Capsule are suitable for low flow rates and for applications that require a closed, ready-to use filter unit for cleanness and hygiene or toxicity reasons. WF-Capsule consist of a stable PP-shell with inside pleated cartridge made from polypropylene-micro-fiber (WFPPA),Polyethersulfone-membrane (WFPES) or additives. Three construction sizes in different lengths and appropriate filter surface areas are available. The inlet and outlet of all construction sizes is provided with 1 NPT thread, for drainage and venting a 1/8 NPT thread with cap is attached.
WF-Junior Pleated Cartridges    
WF-Junior Pleated cartridges are best Suited for small-volume filtration. Available filter materials are polypropylene-felt, hydrophilic PES Membranes or hydrophobic PTFE Membranes. As a speciality WF-Junior cartridges can also be offered made entirely of stainless steel mesh. These are them not pleated, but cylindrically wound around a perforated core. WF-Junior Pleated cartridges feature an external diameter of 56 mm and are available in two different lengths of 76 mm an 138 mm. The Internal 0-ring is made of Viton, silicon or EPDM and functions as a mount and seal on a housing protrusion with a 19 mm diameter.

Due to their overall size, WF-Junior Pleated cartridges must be built into corresponding WF-Junior filter housings. These housings are available made of polypropylene, PVDF or stainless steel.
WF- Capsule made from Polyproylene
  WF - Junior Pleated Cartridges
Ink filter for inkjet-printer and barcode-label devices.
Fine filter for graphic spraying systems.
End filter for CD-and DVD coating.
Sterile filter for laboratories.
Sterile tank ventilation.
Ink filters for industrial ink-jet printers.
Ink filters for barcode-label devices.
Fine filters for CD-and DVD coating.
End-filter for graphic spay-systems.
Sterile filters for ultrapure water.
Fine-filter for solvents.
Sterile tank ventilation.
Protective filters for vacuum pumps.
Sterile filters for laboratories.
Sample filters and filters for analysing.

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