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• Vertical juice channels with FLEXIDRAIN technology
  (patented and exclusive to WILLMES)
• Manufactured completely from stainless steel
• Better pressing results, particularly for difficult crops
• Easy to clean, thus greater cost efficiency &
  better hygiene
• Better must quality: less lees, no fine solids
• Low energy and compressed air consumption
• Very flexible & easy-to-use pressing programmes,
  optionally self-optimising
• Can be used to process small quantities, as well as ice wine
• Filling position equals pressing position  


This new system has been on the market for 2 years. It has proved to offer a reduction of up to 60% in oxygen pick up in pressing process.

When the machine goes into a vacuum, the valve opens automatically and takes air into the top of the press. This will lead to surface oxidation and not on the direct juice. When the press goes into vacuum the drainage valve is closed at the bottom and no air is passed through the system. On traditional presses the air will flow from the outside of the channels through the skins to the open area between the bag and the grapes. This means direct contact to the juice.

This new patented system has worked well over the past two seasons and has proven that with this system the inert gas systems is not really needed.
Central juice drain; automatically controlled juice collection outside of the tank.
• One outlet controls less oxidation and better flow control via one valve [skin contact].
• Quick and easy installation and removal (without tools) There is no need to climb into the inside of the press.
• FLEXIDRAIN juice channels are hard-wearing with a life expectancy of three to five years, depending on usage.
  When they need changing a mechanic is not required and they can be replaced with ease.
• Optimal pre-juicing – low turbidity level.
• FLEXIDRAIN juice channels permit optimal juice extraction thanks to the large juicing surface. The vertical juice
  channels achieve improved prejuicing levels of up to 50%. At the same time, the fine solids released by the pumps
  are ‘filtered out’. The membrane encloses the grapes from all sides and the distance the juice travels is 50% shorter
  on average than in conventional wine presses. The marc crumbles more gently with only a few, gentle rotations.

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